8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool Review

8 Ball Pool is an online multiplayer pool game. The game is developed by Miniclip and first released for Android and iOS devices in October 2010.

Your primary objective is to pocket as many balls as you can from your color before the time runs out. You win when you have pocketed more balls than your opponent within the given time.

The controls of this game are very simple. You rotate your pool cue towards your targeted ball and select the angle to hit it. There is a pool cue on the left side of your screen. Press and move downwards to move your actual pool cue. The further you go downwards the harder the ball will be hit. So sometimes you will have to do a little mathematical calculation in your head before you hit the ball. Otherwise you might end up pocketing your opponent's balls.

At first you will start as a beginner and play against other, randomly chosen, beginners. Then with each win, you will rise in ranking. Because you are matched with players with a similar rank, a game will be challenging in each stage.

You will win coins for each win. You can use these coins to buy new pool cues. You can also participate in multiplayer tournaments and win special pool cues, lots of coins and trophies.

To enter tournaments, you will hay to pay a small amount of entry fee with the coins you have already gained by playing. Once you have won and collected enough coins, you can use them to enter higher ranked tournaments with higher stakes and higher rewards.

8 Ball Pool is a visually pleasing game with simple controls. Because the game is hugely popular it’s easy to find an opponent to play against in mere seconds. You can download and play this game for free.

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Questions & Answers

Can I play 8 Ball Pool offline?

No, you cannot play it offline. Internet connection is required to play 8 Ball Pool.

What is the age rating for 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is rated PEGI 12. Video games that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters would fall in this age category. Sexual innuendo or sexual posturing can be present, while any bad language in this category must be mild. Gambling as it is normally carried out in real life in casinos or gambling halls can also be present (e.g. card games that in real life would be played for money).

Does 8 Ball Pool contain ads?

Yes, there ads in 8 Ball Pool.

What devices is 8 Ball Pool compatible with?

You can play 8 Ball Pool on devices with at least Android version 4.4 or iOS version 9.0.

How much free space do I need for 8 Ball Pool?

For Android devices you will need around 63MB and for iOS devices 163MB.

Download 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Is available on multiple platforms. Click on the buttons below to download the game from the official websites of your chosen platform.


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