Among Us

  • Game Type
  • Action
  • Developer
  • Innersloth LLC
  • Platform
  • Android, IOS
  • Price
  • Free
  • 76 Gamescore
  • 100M+ Downloads
  • 10+ Age Rating

Among Us Review

Among Us is an action game. It is a is developed by Innersloth LLC. This game was published for Android devices in June 2018 and for iOS devices in July 2018.

Among Us takes place in a space themed setting. In this game you play with other 4 to 10 online players. You will be given a set of tasks to complete. You can be either given the role of a crewmate or an imposter. The imposter's job will be to sabotage the tasks and kill the crewmates without being discovered.

You will be provided with a map to navigate your environment. As a crewmate, apart from completing tasks, you can call emergency meetings. Where you can report about the imposter if you were able to find out who that is. You can also report dead bodies during these meetings.

As the imposter, you should blend in with the crew, sabotage the ship to confuse the crew and kill crew members. Imposter can also sneak through vents and close the doors to trap crewmates. the game is complete once the imposter in found, or i...f he is able to eliminate all the crewmates.

There are 3 main modes in this game. Local, Online and Freeplay. In "Local" mode you can play this game with your family members or your friends with whom your share a Wi-Fi. In this mode, one person sets up the game and lets the others to join and play. In "Online" mode you play with other online players. You can either create your own game, join in on a private game created by people you know or join a public game. You will need a code to join the private game. In "Freeplay" mode you can practice the game and learn the knowhow. This way it will be easy for you understand and navigate when you are playing against other online players.

To operate your character in this game, you can either use the Joystick or the Touch option. The controls in using Joystick are as follows. Within the navigations circle found at the left side of your screen, tap and drag towards direction you want your character to move. When you arrive at the task locations, tap on the glowing machine to perform tasks.

The controls for performing tasks in Touch are almost similar to the Joystick. But, in Touch, to move your character, you have to swipe in the desired direction on the screen.

Among Us is a very interesting game to play.

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Questions & Answers

Is Among Us free?

Yes, you can download and play Among Us for free.

Can you play Among Us offline?

You need an internet connection to play this game. But you can play the "Freeplay" mode offline.

Does Among Us contain ads?

Yes, this game contains ads.

Is Among Us safe to play?

This game doesn't come with safety features or parental controls. The game is rated PEGI 7. Game content with scenes or sounds that can possibly be frightening to younger children fall in this category.

Can you play Among Us with strangers?

Among Us is a multiple player game. You can play it with friends, family or total strangers. It's all up to you.

Is Among Us dead?

No, even though the game was released in 2018 it became really popular in the mid 2020's and is still being played by many.

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