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Bike Race Free Review

Bike Race Free is a physics-based racing game. It is developed by Top Free Games. Bike Race Free was released for Android and iOS devices in March 2012.

This game has both single player and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer mode, you play with or against your friends and other online players. You can't jump into multiplayer mode right out of the gate. To unlock this mode you need to get a minimum of 9 stars by playing in the single player mode. Besides these modes, you can also participate in tournaments. In tournaments, you can play against multiple people at the same time.

Your avatar is a motor racer. Your task is to guide the racer though challenging racing tracks. To accelerate the bike, press on the right side of the screen. When you touch and hold the left side, you can apply the break. By simply tilting your screen to the left and right, you can adjust the angle of your bike's movement.

You will receive 1 to 3 stars according to your performance and how quickly you reach the finishing point of each race. Try to ride through the entire track. While driving you can do all kinds of cool stunts. Just make sure that the racer doesn't fall on his head or hit his head on the race track. This will end the game and you will have to play that level again from the beginning.

As the title of the game suggests, this is a free game. The game contains ads. You will have the possibility to unlock some levels using real money.

This is a challenging race game with simple visuals. The game has many interesting and complicated racing tracks for players to explore.

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Questions & Answers

Can I play Bike Race Free offline?

Yes, you can play it offline.

What is the age rating for Bike Race Free?

Bike Race Free is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

Does Bike Race Free contain ads?

Yes, there are ads in in this game.

What devices is Bike Race Free compatible with?

You can play Bike Race Free on Android devices at lest from version 4.2 and on iOS devices version 8.0.

How much free space do I need for Bike Race Free?

You will need around 31 MB for Android devices and 192 MB for iOS devices.

Download Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free Is available on multiple platforms. Click on the buttons below to download the game from the official websites of your chosen platform.


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