Crossy Road

  • Game Type
  • Arcade, Endless
  • Developer
  • Hipster Whale
  • Platform
  • Array
  • Price
  • Free

Crossy Road Review

Crossy Road is an endless arcade game. It is developed by Hipster Whale. It was published for iOS devices in November 2014 and for Android devices in January 2015.

In this game you play a chicken who is trying to cross an endless series of roads, rivers, railway tracks and trees. There are many obstacles that you have to avoid while you move your character to the other side.

The roads are filled with constantly moving vehicles. There will be trains suddenly passing on the railway tracks. The rivers have some floating logs, on which you should hop on to cross the river to reach the other side. But there are water currents that you need to be aware of. If you are still on the log when it is floating above the current. Then it is game over for you. These are the many ways in which your chicken could die in this game. Getting hit by a vehicle, falling into the water, and getting hit by a fast running train.

The controls for your chicken's hopping movements are very simple. Tap to hop forward. Swipe right to direct your chicken to the right. Swipe left to direct your chicken to the left.

There will be lots of coins scattered across your play-area. Collect them to unlock new characters. You can also collect coins by receiving daily gifts, watching advertisements, and completing certain tasks.

Every step you take forwards the other side will earn you a point. This is how you track your score. Having lots of points will put you on top of the the leader board. Once you get into the "Top Ten", you will be able to unlock some special characters.

Crossy Road is a free game. You can also use the in-game store to purchase items for some real money.

This game is great for passing time. The simple visuals and controls make it easy to understand and play. The game will definitely remind you of the classic arcade hit game Frogger.

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Questions & Answers

Can I play Crossy Road offline?

Yes, you can play Crossy Road without being online.

Do I need an account to play Crossy Road?

No, an account is not needed to play Crossy Road.

What is the PEGI rating for Crossy Road?

This game is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

Does Crossy Road contain ads?

Yes, there are ads in this game. But if you play the game offline, then no ads will be shown.

Does Crossy Road offer in-app purchases?

Yes, it offers in-app purchases.

Download Crossy Road

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