Johnny Trigger

  • Game Type
  • Action
  • Developer
  • SayGames
  • Platform
  • Array
  • Price
  • Free

Johnny Trigger Review

Johnny Trigger is an action game. It is created by SayGames and released for Android and iOS devices in December 2019.

In this game you play the character Johnny Trigger. Johnny Trigger's sole purpose is to kill all the bad guys who stands between him and his end destination.

Initially you will have one type of gun to play the game. The controls in this game are very simple. You don't have to run, jump, slide or dodge anything. Johnny Trigger will do all that for you. You don't even have to move his arm and aim. All you have to do is release the bullets at perfect timing. In each level, you will have a limited number of bullets. You will have to use them to kill the enemies. If you miss one bullet, you probably will be shot and killed. Then you will have to play the same level again. The number of bullets to spare will decrease after completing a couple of levels. Every bullet counts, so use them wisely.

You will receive cash at the end of each level. Once you have collected...enough cash, you can unlock new weapons to play with. As you progress in the game, there will be hostages near the bad guys. They will be standing very close together. You should be very careful. Do not shoot the hostages.

Johnny Trigger is a free game. It has simple, yet engaging visuals. Like most free games it contains ads. But it's possible to purchase the ad free version.

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Questions & Answers

Can I play Johnny Trigger offline?

Yes, you can play Johnny Trigger offline.

Do I need an account to play Johnny Trigger?

Johnny Trigger can be played without an account.

What is the age rating for Johnny Trigger?

Johnny Trigger is rated PEGI 12. Video games that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters would fall in this age category. Sexual innuendo or sexual posturing can be present, while any bad language in this category must be mild. Gambling as it is normally carried out in real life in casinos or gambling halls can also be present (e.g. card games that in real life would be played for money).

What devices is Johnny Trigger compatible with?

Johnny Trigger can be played on devices with Android 4.4 and up and iOS 9.0 and up.

Does Johnny Trigger contain ads?

Yes, there are ads in Johnny Trigger.

Download & Play Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger Is available on multiple platforms. Click on the buttons below to download the game from the official websites of your chosen platform.


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