Talking Tom Gold Run

  • Game Type
  • Action
  • Developer
  • Outfit7 Limited
  • Platform
  • Android, IOS
  • Price
  • Free

Talking Tom Gold Run Review

Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner game. It is developed by Outfit7 Limited. The game was published for iOS and Android devices in July 2016.

You can play this game as Talking Tom or as one of his friends. The game starts with a raccoon robbing you and running away with a bag filled with gold. Your character, Tom, then starts to chase the raccoon. In this endless runner game you will be chasing the raccoon and collect the gold that falls out of his bag.

When you are chasing the raccoon, there will be obstacles to be aware of. Jump, change directions and slide down to avoid these obstacles. If you get hit you will either have to continue the chase by paying with certain items or play from the beginning. There are many boosters that you can collect along the way. The double coins, coin magnet, jetpacks and helmets are some of them. Whenever you use a booster you will have extra capabilities for a brief period of time.

At certain points the raccoon will slow down and take...a break. If you can get close to him, he will start running again leaving a chunk of gold or a locker or other special items behind. Collect these items as well. You can unlock the lockers one by one. The lockers contain specials rewards. Unlocking these lockers will take time. The unlocking-time differs according to the type of the lockers. It could be 3 hours or more. But can you use blasts or gems to speed up the time.

There will be certain places where your running speed will increase and you will get a chance to catch the robbing raccoon. Hit him as fast and as much as you can before he escapes again. This will earn you extra points and coins. This is not the only way to get extra rewards. You will actually get free rewards every day.

With the collected items like gold and gems, you can upgrade certain features of your house and it's surroundings. Once you complete all the upgrades you will be able to unlock the next location. With each upgrade, your score multiplier will also go up. This will help you to level up in the international rankings.

This game has the typical endless runner game controls. Swipe to the sides to change directions, swipe up to jump and down to slide.

Talking Tom Gold Run is an amazing game with vibrant visuals. Catching the raccoon during your run is very satisfying.

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Questions & Answers

Is Talking Tom Gold Run a free game?

Yes, you can download and play this game for free.

Can I play Talking Tom Gold Run offline?

Yes, you can play it offline.

What is the age rating for Talking Tom Gold Run?

The game is rated PEGI 7. Game content with scenes or sounds that can possibly be frightening to younger children fall in this category.

Does Talking Tom Gold Run contain ads?

Yes, there are ads shown in this game. But, you can play offline to avoid them.

What devices is Talking Tom Gold Run compatible with?

You can play it on devices with at least Android version 4.4 or iOS version 9.0

Do I need an account to play Talking Tom Gold Run?

No, you can play this game without an account. But you will have to sign in to check out your achievements and your global ranking.

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