Tiles Hop – EDM Rush

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  • Amanotes
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Tiles Hop – EDM Rush Review

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush is a music game. It is developed by Amanotes and was released for Android and iOS in March 2018.

You play this game by controlling a ball to jump on magic tiles without falling into the void. You do all this while listening to some amazing music. Your target is to hop on as many tiles as possible to get the highest score.

Touch to start hopping and hold/drag to move your ball from one tile to the other. At the beginning the magic glowing tiles will be arranged in a single line path with equal spacing. But, after a minute or so into the game, the tiles will start to appear slightly to the right and left sides. There will be more space between the tiles and the ball's hopping speed will also start increase. Then you will have to be more focused and quick with your hands to control the ball. When you miss a tile you will fall into the void and the game will be over. You will have to start again from the beginning.

Try to beat your previous top score and your friends' too. You can also compare your score with the list of top players from the Tiles Hop - EDM Rush international ranking.

There are so many genres of music available for you to choose from. You can also play with your own favorite songs. This is a relaxing game for music lovers. Wear your headphone for maximum experience.

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush is free to download and play. And yes, the game contains ads. If you don't mind the ads, enjoy the beats and keep on hopping.

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Questions & Answers

Can I play Tiles Hop - EDM Rush offline?

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush can be played offline.

Do I need an account to play Tiles Hop - EDM Rush?

You don't need an account to play Tiles Hop - EDM Rush.

What is the age rating for Tiles Hop - EDM Rush?

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

What devices is Tiles Hop - EDM Rush compatible with?

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush can be played on devices with Android 4.1 and up and iOS 9.0 and up.

Does Tiles Hop - EDM Rush contain ads?

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush contains ads.

Download Tiles Hop – EDM Rush

Tiles Hop – EDM Rush Is available on multiple platforms. Click on the buttons below to download the game from the official websites of your chosen platform.


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