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Hundreds of games are being released each week. There are already countless games available on the web and various app stores. Some games are good, others are very good. Unfortunately there are also many bad games that are not worth your time. Whether a game is bombarded with ads or keeps nagging you to pay, sometimes you wish you never had tried the game in the first place. That’s why we’ve created this website.

Here at FreeGamesBay we help you find good games to play. We test dozens of games each week and list only the best ones on this website. Most of games listed here can be played on an Android or iOS device. Some games can be played directly in your browser on your desktop or laptop.

Mobile Games
The mobile games listed on our website contain a download button. Clicking on this button will lead you to the official app store (e.g. Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore or Microsoft Store) where you can download the game.

Web Games
The web games listed on our website can be played directly on our site in your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Brave). All games are made in HTML5 or Unity WebGL. You don’t have to download or install additional plugins to play the games.

Our Reviews & Game Content
All reviews & game content on this website are written by the editors of FreeGamesBay based on firsthand experience with the game as well as public available information about the game at the time of writing. We’ll do our best to modify our game pages accordingly whenever a game has been updated. As such, the pages on this website are not static pages. They evolve whenever the game evolves. We invite you to come back often to read the latest updates.

No APK Files or Download Managers
We don’t host APK files or any other files that bundle mobile games with other software, like download managers, on this website. Nor do we link to websites that host these files. We only link to official app stores and official websites of the developers or publishers of the game.

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